Mission and History


The mission of St. Ann Catholic Parish is to provide an amicable environment of Catholic worship, education, evangelization, and service to all God’s people. Together, with our K-8th grade school students, we strive to be instruments of God’s love, peace, and joy following the example of St. Ann.


St. Ann has a rich history which is much influenced by the history of the local area surrounding Ridgecrest, CA.
A complete history of St. Ann was prepared for the occasion of celebrating its 50th anniversary in 1996.

The Parish of Randsburg and St. Ann, Ridgecrest, A History,” compiled and authored by C. John Di Pol,
begins with a background that reaches back to the mid 1800’s. This work contains over 40 pages with pictures
and will require about 2 minutes to download with a 28 Kbs modem.

Recent History a shorter, three page document was generated by extracting history from the last 20 years from
the above document.

Statue of St. Ann with Child    Background information concerning the statue of “Saint Ann and Child” that
stands above the entry of St. Ann Roman Catholic Church in Ridgecrest California.  The information was provided
by Parishioner Richard “Duke” Martin.