Statue of St. Ann and Child

stannstatueThe Statue of “St. Ann and Child” was a gift to Saint Ann Roman Catholic Church by Charles C. and Mary Martin, family members David, Steve, Roger, John, Duke, Marian, Paul, Drew, Elizabeth, the Leroy Doig Family and close friends. St. Ann is the patron Saint of Ridgecrest’s Catholic Church and the child is an exact replica of Charles & Mary’s two year old daughter Anne Marie Martin who was mortally injured by a vehicle while crossing the road in front of her China Lake home in the early morning of July 22, 1958.

The Carrara Marble statue is the creation of world renowned sculptor Franz Demetz of Carrara Italy. During the Oct. 23, 1960 dedication ceremonies of the new Parish Church, Most Reverend Aloysius J. Willinger, Bishop of Monterey-Fresno and Pastor Monsignor John F.C. Ryan accepted the gift from the Martin Family.

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