A Christian Community in the Roman Catholic Tradition

St. Ann Roman Catholic Church


Monthly Church Calendar


Reconciliation Devotions Mass Readings
Saturday Vigil 5:30 PM 
Sunday 8:00 AM
10:00 AM 
12:00 P.M. Spanish Mass every 2nd & 4th Sun
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 AM
Wednesday 6:00 PM 
Friday 8:15 AM
Holy Days
Ordinary Times See weekly bulletin in What's New?
Christmas, Easter See weekly bulletin in What's New?
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday 8:00 - 9:00 AM
Available by appointment  
Devotional & Prayer Services
Eucharistic Adoration Perpetual (24 hours per day)
Rosary & Novena 6:00 PM Wednesday
Immaculate Heart Prayer Group 7 - 8 PM Thursday
Legion of Mary 5:00 PM Thursday
Divine Mercy 6:00 - 7 PM Friday
Stations of the Cross 5:00 PM Lenten Fridays
Rosary Rally May & October 
Faith Formation & Education
CCD Classes (K - 8th grade)
High School Classes (HS 9th - 12th)
9:15 - 10:15 AM Sunday 
To Be Announced
Sunday Bible Study 9:15 AM Sunday
Thursday Bible Study 9:30 AM-11:15 AM Thursday during school year.
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Ongoing 7:00 PM Monday nights in the Multi-Purpose Room
Catholic Holy Days & Principal Movable Feasts




Octave of Christmas: Mary, Mother of God* Sunday, January 1st Tuesday, January 1st Wednesday, January 1st
Epiphany   Sunday, January 6th Sunday, January 5th
Ash Wednesday Wednesday, February 22nd Wednesday, February13th Wednesday, March 5th
Palm Sunday Sunday, April 1st Sunday, March 24th Sunday, April 13th
Easter Sunday Sunday, April 8th Sunday, March 31st Sunday, April 20th
Divine Mercy Sunday Sunday, April 15th Sunday, April 7th Sunday, April 27th
Ascension Day* Thursday, May 17th (Sunday, May 20th) Thursday, May 9th (Sunday, May 12th) Thursday, May 29th (Sunday, June 1st)
Pentecost Sunday Sunday, May 27th Sunday, May 19th Sunday, June 8th
Trinity Sunday Sunday, June 3rd Sunday, May 26th Sunday, June 15th
Corpus Christi Thursday, June 7th (Sunday, June 10th) Thursday, May 30th (Sunday, June 2nd) Thursday, June 19th (Sunday, June 22nd)
Assumption of Mary* Wednesday, August 15th Thursday, August 15th Friday, August 15th
All Saints Day* Thursday, November 1st Friday, November 1st Saturday, November 1st
First Sunday of Advent Sunday, December 2nd Sunday, December 1st Sunday, November 30th
Immaculate Conception* Saturday, December 8th Sunday, December 8th Monday, December 8th
Christmas* Tuesday, December 25th Wednesday, December 25th Thursday, December 25th

* Holy Day of Obligation


The Catholic Calendar
with Mass Readings, Vestment Colors, Feast days, etc.