A Christian Community in the Roman Catholic Tradition

St. Ann Roman Catholic Church 

Social Justice
Contents The biblical word for a good person is "just."  In justice, the people of St. Ann's fulfill their duty to God and to all people.  In justice we find the sensitivity to recognize all people as brothers and sisters, as we give from our resources with joyful readiness and open generosity.  Justice and charity apply to all: the deprived, the racially persecuted, the unskilled, the physically challenged, the young and the old. 

American Life League of Indian Wells Valley: The American Life League of Indian Wells Valley (A.L.L. of I.W.V.) is dedicated to developing and improving an awareness among the general public of the dignity and value of human life at all stages of existence and development.  It also disseminate information resulting from any scientific, medical, social, legal or related studies or investigations.  The League engages in other educational activities such as lectures, seminars and panels or any other lawful activities that will accomplish this goal.

Activities sponsored by A.L.L. of  I.W.V. since its incorporation are booths at public events, prayer vigils, pro-life ads, Life Chain and most recently, pro-life billboards.  In addition, there are regular fund raising activities such as food booths, benefit dinners and donation drives.  A.L.L. of I.W.V. is a non-profit, tax exempt, non-denominational organization open to all.  There are no dues or fees.  A bi-monthly newsletter is published to keep members informed of upcoming events and topics of the day.

Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. Contacts: 371-1547 or 375-8753.

Christmas Day Dinner: Contact the Knights of Columbus, 375-8901.

Christmas Giving Tree: Contact Parish Office, 375-2110.

Our Lady's Vistors...Volunteers provide hot, ready-to-eat suppers to families under stress due to illness, new baby, death in the family, etc.  These meals are a concrete way of showing the compassion and love of Christ through the actions of His Church.  When there is a need, a coordinator calls volunteers on the list to ask them to provide one meal.  For the past 10 years, each current volunteer has provided an average of two meals per year.  Volunteers to prepare meals and persons willing to serve as coordinators should call David & Diane Jones (377-5059) for more information.

St. Ann Outreach: A group of lay persons serve the needy of the parish and the community by providing assistance for food, shelter, clothing and other similar necessities.  This work is funded totally by voluntary contributions and donations, usually collected after Mass.  Contact, Parish Office, 375-2110.

Bereavement Committee: A group of volunteers provide luncheons/receptions after funerals held at St. Ann's.  The local funeral directors (or the pastor) provide the bereaved family with contact information and the family calls to request a luncheon if desired.  Luncheons/receptions are held in the Parish Center and the usual menu is sandwiches, potluck salads & desserts, coffee, tea and punch.  There is no charge for this service but donations are gladly accepted.  Volunteers are needed to provide food, prepare sandwiches, set-up, serve and clean-up.  Call Kristina Cole (375-2110) for information or to volunteer.